Pre take brief is not only an chance for one pilot to tell another what they intend to do, it also for a solo pilot to clarify what is going to happen in the next few minutes. It should cover initially the intention, how the take off is expected to go. Something along these lines: “This‘ll be a left hand seat take off. The wind is within limits and from the right. Take off will be at ??kts followed by a climb at ???kts. I will be following a standard numpty departure and we are cleared to a bugged altitude of 5000’. Both altimeters are on 1009.”  So that covers what is intended. Now talk about what you’ll do if it does not go according to plan. “I will stop for anything that happens before rotate. If I experience a problem once we are airborne I’ll take the problem into the air and deal with it using standard operating procedures. Do you have any questions? Remember this is supposed to be one pilot talking to another, it should be conversational, not delivered in a robot like mechanical manner.