FAA IR Conversion to EASA IR.

There are quite a few pilots resident in EASA land who fly “N” registered aircraft IFR on their FAA IR licences. Very soon they will need to obtain an EASA IR in order to continue operating as they have. This ruling has been on the table for some years now and the implementation date has been put back several times. My sources suggest it is unlikely to be put back again. As an IRE with initial issue privileges I am in a position to to assist those pilots obtain the EASA IR.
This is not a complex process. You are required to nominate an examiner for the flight test or ask the UK CAA to nominate one on your behalf. That examiner will then conduct an oral examination and flight test. This flight test based on the initial IR undertaken by EASA licenced pilots. The UK CAA have produced a document explaining the flight test which can be found by clicking the link in this post.

By using the DA 42 operated by SueAir at North Weald the conversion process can be carried out efficiently. Guidance for any pre test study for the theoretical knowledge elements is available by contacting me via the website.