Instrument Rating

Whether an IR, IR(R) (imc) or EIR, all initial, revalidation and renewal tests are stressful. I aim to reduce the stress and hopefully make the whole experience one from which the applicant is able to learn and improve their skills.

From the outset I endeavour to foster a relaxed atmosphere suggesting the applicant consider the flight to be one being made solo and operating to the standards of the rating being sought, revalidated or renewed. Obviously I as the examiner will be on board and will be the legal captain of the aeroplane but my role is as an observer.

I am looking for captaincy, decision making and above all airmanship, the applicant should operate as though they are the only occupant of the aeroplane for most of the flight. The exception to this is when the applicant is asked to demonstrate the general handling elements of the test when I will take over the role of Navigator and RT operator.

Aircrew Instruction and Training


Contract Instruction & Coaching

I can provide contract instructional services to ATOs that wish to expand without the need to employ full time Flight Instructors. Please contact me to discuss terms.

Coaching is provided to qualified individuals who wish to enhance their skills perhaps with a view to extend their rating from restricted to full IR, or regain confidence after a break from flying. For further information please use the contact page.

As Kilo Delta is not registered as an ATO it is not possible to deliver ab initio training to individuals except through a registered ATO.

Aircrew Training and Examining Services - South and Central England